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Are you in the house alone?: A TV movie compendium 1964-1999 by Reyes, Amanda (editor)

Publication: HeadPress 2017 25 Date: 2017

This book is like a trip down memory lane. Includes classics such as The Norliss Tapes, Salem's Lot and The Night Stalker. A book that makes you want to see the movies all over again. Added 19/07/2018 by Mrs LORNA HULME

The elephant whisperer by Anthony, Lawrence

Publication: Pan 2010 25 Date: 2010

An excellent read! Both heart wrenching and heart warming. Added 05/07/2018 by Mrs JOANNE WARD

Best in travel 2018 by Bainbridge, James

Publication: Lonely Planet Global Limited 2017 25 Date: 2017

Brilliant book to help you choose where to go on holiday next. the book is divided into handy sections including best culture holidays for children and budget destinations. Added 03/07/2018 by Mrs LORNA HULME

Wed Wabbit by Evans, Lissa

Publication: David Fickling Books 2017 25 Date: 2017

This book is absolutely fantastic. After her annoying younger sister has an accident the main character, along with their Really Annoying cousin find themselves in a bizarre world and must fight hard to find their way home. Featuring hilarious well-written characters this book begs to be read aloud. Added 11/06/2018 by Miss HELEN ALONA KIELY

Free food for millionaires by Lee, Min Jin

Publication: Apollo 2014 25 Date: 2014

A modern story of life as a non-American twenty-something in New York. Good description of the expectations of different cultures and generations knocking together. None of the characters live perfectly, but you end up liking the main characters. I read this after enjoying the author's other book, Pachinko. Added 11/06/2018 by Mr STEVEN WARD

The map of salt and stars by Joukhadar Jennifer Zeynab

Publication: Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2018 25 Date: 2018

Combining ancient myth and modern day refugee, this is a story about the power and beauty of story to keep us going when everything around is falling apart. Both ancient and modern and vividly described, with modern day trauma almost being underplayed as "normal". Great combination and exploration of the experiences of refugees today. Added 11/06/2018 by Mr STEVEN WARD

My grandmother sends her regards and apologises by Backman, Fredrik

Publication: Sceptre 2016 25 Date: 2016

Beautifully crafted and written, this book keeps you guessing even when you've worked out the premise. Easy to read and very very enjoyable! Added 11/06/2018 by Mr STEVEN WARD

All the light we cannot see by Doerr, Anthony

Publication: Fourth Estate 2015 25 Date: 2015

A brilliantly written, great read. WW2 seen from different perspectives to usual and insights into the lives and mindsets of two people living through those years. Added 11/06/2018 by Mr STEVEN WARD

The orchardist by Coplin, Amanda

Publication: Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2012 . 427p Hardback 25 Date: 2012

The writing style doesn't necessarily make this book easy to read, but the effort you need to put is well rewarded with a fine tale of turn of the 19th century America. Few characters, the main ones are well described but also manage to leave you wanting to know more about them and their lives. A great read Added 11/06/2018 by Mr STEVEN WARD

The black stallion by Farley,Walter

Publication: Random House 2016 25 Date: 2016

Excellent read for young and old alike! Added 13/05/2018 by Mrs JOANNE WARD

Out of the wreckage: A new politics for an age of crisis by Monbiot, George

Publication: Verso 2017 25 Date: 2017

Even truly great Political Authors can get stuck moaning about the problem rather than providing some solutions. This book on the other hand at least tries to address the problems it examines and comes up with some interesting ideas. So if you think the world is going to hell in a handbag and can't see light at the end of the tunnel give this one a read. It might give you hope that another way of doing things is not only possible but achievable. Added 09/05/2018 by Mr RICHARD BLAY

The dark by Herbert, James

Publication: Pan Books 2012 . 439p Paperback 25 Date: 2012

‘The Dark’ is a great novel that charts the spread of an otherworldly entity infecting the population of Britain like a virus, tapping into the dark side of our psyche’s and driving us to commit acts of uncharacteristic depravity and violence. It really is one hell of a page turner that hurtles to its’ near apocalyptic climax like an unstoppable juggernaut of dread at what is to come next. Added 20/03/2018 by Mr RICHARD BLAY

Help! My parents think I'm a robot and 9 other just shocking! stories by Griffiths, Andy

Publication: Macmillan Children's Books 2010 . 214p Paperback 25 Date: 2010

I really enjoyed this book because of the pictures and the storyline. It is about a boy called Andy and his friends. My favourite part was when he blew up his sister balloons. Added 20/02/2018 by CHATTERBOOKS

The abominables by Ibbotson, Eva

Publication: Marion Lloyd 2013 . 235p Paperback 25 Date: 2013

I enjoyed the Abominables book because I loved the description of the scenes; I liked how the author Eva Ibbotson used real places as book material. I enjoyed the characters behaviour towards other characters and in general I rate it 5/5 - full marks! I love the dramatic speeches and how they learn sayings and actions from different nations of the world. I recommend this book to many bookworms. Added 20/02/2018 by CHATTERBOOKS

Mr Stink by Walliams, David

Publication: HarperCollins Children's Books 2009 25 Date: 2009

I found it very interesting I would definitely recommend it to anyone that normally doesn't like reading. It's got funny bits, silly bits and some serious bits. There is a really funny part in the book were Mr stink was having an argument and burped in their face for a while it sounded very silly if you have to read it out loud and I warn you you will laugh and you won't stop! Added 20/02/2018 by CHATTERBOOKS

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl adventure : Volume 8 by Shigekatsu Ihara

Publication: Viz Media 2010 . 173p Paperback 25 Date: 2010

I liked this book because it was a bit like a comic but more like a book because comics are short but this book was long and interesting. It was a bit odd because this was the last book in the series so to start with it was strange to understand what was happening but as I carried on it wasn't so strange and I understood it more. I would recommend this book to people who like comics and adventure. Added 20/02/2018 by CHATTERBOOKS

Up the Faraway Tree by Blyton, Enid

Publication: Egmont UK Limited 2014 25 Date: 2014

i think this book is really good [the faraway tree] i recomend you buy this it is really good:] XD Added 20/02/2018 by CHATTERBOOKS

The giraffe and the pelly and me by Dahl, Roald

Publication: Puffin Books 2001 25 Date: 2001

I liked this book because it was adventurous and fun. My favourite part was when the robber was stealing the Ladies jewellery. Pelly trapped him in his beak whilst the police came to arrest him. The Giraffe, the Pelly and Monkey are a window cleaning team and they live in a old sweet shop. A boy wishes to own the sweet-shop. I would definitely recommend this book as it was great fun. Added 20/02/2018 by CHATTERBOOKS

Pugly bakes a cake by Butchart, Pamela

Publication: Nosy Crow 2016 . 107p Paperback 25 Date: 2016

I found this book funny because it was about a pug that was trying to bake a cake.But a cat called Clem is mean to Pugly and keeps saying he is a pig. Added 20/02/2018 by CHATTERBOOKS

Always dance with a buffalo by Winkler, Henry

Publication: Scholastic Ltd 2014 . 202p Paperback 25 Date: 2014

I didn't really like the book because it wasn't going anywhere with the story and it wasn't very funny to me. It was just like words and words and words but no story. I would recommend the book for people who like dancing and funny books though. Added 20/02/2018 by CHATTERBOOKS

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